The design and development of the training course and the training can be structured in different processes:
1) identifying the training goals and / or changes in the previous objectives;
2) design and planning of training in an appropriate way to achieve the planned educational purposes;
3) issuance of appropriate documentation for professors, students and support the learning process;
4) the award of a public contract for training;
5) evaluation of learning outcomes.

The main tool in the design and development of training course is “the process of Monitoring and performance measurement” containing intermediate and final goals that allow objectively verifying the achieved goals of the proposed training. Where are not achieved the objectives of the planned training, the organization shall take necessary actions to ensure the process of implementation of the requirements and the expectations on the part of students and stakeholders.

For the “qualification” of the proposed training course is considerate that RICEC on the basis of the attached documentation and verification of the same course, considers the course appropriate to provide the training and that the course its suitable as a mandatory requirement under specific technical scheme of the issued certificate.

The qualification process and issuance of the certificate by RICEC guarantees to national and international markets and stakeholders that the training organization that provides training course administered systematically prescribed requirements and provides the achieving of the intended educational purposes. Also ensure that the design, management of courses, associate professors, process monitoring and course-related activities are regularly monitored to meet the expected results.

With the issuance of the certificate of qualification RICEC ensure to all Customers (businesses, private organizations, students) and multi-stakeholder that qualified training courses and those entered in the register are appropriate to achieve the objectives of training and providing expected competence.


For “qualified training (educational) organization” is considerate that RICEC according to the process of examination and evaluation of the competence of the training organization, ensuring to all customers (businesses, private organizations, students) that training organizations entered in the register are appropriate to achieve the objectives training and provision of expected competence.

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Payment Online

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